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ITEAM Article

Infocentre of the European Commission has published article about ITEAM Network: My colleagues making a great support for me in ITEAM: Maria Eugenia Dalmau (right) and Vincenzo Ricciardi (left)


It is a great honor and privilege to get selected for the SAE Fellow Grade!

New Paper in IJAT

The paper entitled “Investigation of Cavitation Process in Monotube Shock Absorber” is published by International Journal of Automotive Technology. This paper is written in collaboration with my colleagues from the projects EVE and CLOVER. The text can be downloaded here.

New Publication about Wheel Slip Control

The paper “Robust Continuous Wheel Slip Control With Reference Adaptation:  Application to the Brake System With Decoupled Architecture” with recent results of our team is published by IEEE. The paper is in Open Access and can be downloaded here.

Habilitation Thesis

My habilitation thesis entitled “Advanced automotive active safety systems: Focus on integrated chassis control for conventional and electric vehicles with identification of road conditions” are electronically published and can be downloaded here.

SAE Papers

SAE International has granted a kind permission to post some of my SAE papers on this site. These papers can be downloaded here.

Back to INTYRE project

The Marie Curie Alumni Association published a short report about experience of researchers (including me) who was awarded with the MC IIF fellowship. You can read this text here: MCAA

Tyre Tests at Virginia Tech

Within the framework of the project EVE, the programme for testing tyre-soil interaction has been done. The videos from Terramechanic Test Rig can be found here: EVE – Tyre testing on ground – Part I EVE – Tyre testing on ground – Part II EVE – Tyre testing on ground – Part III

Presentation to IEEE ICM 2017

Presentation “Collaborative Engineering of Integrated Chassis Control for Ground” Vehicle”: Link


Project CLOVER has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (H2020-MSCA-RISE-2016) under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No. 734832 The main goal of the CLOVER project is to offer a novel methodology in an environmental mechatronic control system design relying on multidisciplinary knowledge. The implementation of the project CLOVER is based […]