IEEE / ASME Transactions on Mechatronics – Focused Section on Mechatronics in Road Mobility Systems

The papers are invited to a new Focused Section. The topics include:

  • Novel design and optimization of mechatronics in road mobility;
  • Learning‐based methods for mechatronics of safe, smart and sustainable road mobilities;
  • Intelligent sensing, estimation, prediction and control of mechatronic systems for road mobility;
  • Human‐machine interactions for future mobility;
  • Experimental validation of mechatronics for road mobility;
  • Integration of mechatronics within intelligent transportation systems and IoT;
  • Cyber‐physical systems for advanced road mobility;
  • Target application of mechatronic chassis and powertrain systems to electrified and automated vehicles;
  • New testing and validation methods and procedures for mechatronic systems in road mobility.

The submission will be opened from 01 July 2020 with the deadline on 01 September 2020.

Call for Papers can be downloaded here.

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