Recent results from our project EVC1000 are published on the paper “Integrated Braking Control for Electric Vehicles with In-Wheel Propulsion and Fully Decoupled Brake-by-Wire System”. The paper can be downloaded here.

The book chapter with several results of Horizon 2020 project EVC1000 is published by Springer. Write me for the author’s copy.

Video presentation on Workshop on Virtual product development and production of all types of electrified vehicles and components at IEEE VPPC 2020 Conference.

Our Horizon 2020 project EVC1000 released the first video introducing the main concept for general public.

Some times ago we have investigated compensation of external disturbances during the wheel slip control . The resulting method is finally received the German patent: “System und Verfahren zur Regelung der Radbremsmomente mit gleichzeitiger Störkompensation in Elektrofahrzeugen” (DE 10 2014 017 464). The patent can be downloaded here.

Some recent results from the XILforEV project are published in the SAE Journal of Connected and Automated Vehicles. The paper has an Open Access and can be downloaded here.

Special Issue on Dynamics and Control of Automated Vehicles in Vehicles Journals is now open for submission. This Special Issue will focus on new results in the following topics of automated driving (AD): Novel design of AD powertrain and chassis subsystems; Predictive and learning based methods to improve AD safety and performance; Estimation and sensing for […]

Thanks to Springer SharedIt service I can share my two recent papers from IAVSD Symposium, which are published now in a book.

The papers are invited to a new Focused Section. The topics include: Novel design and optimization of mechatronics in road mobility; Learning‐based methods for mechatronics of safe, smart and sustainable road mobilities; Intelligent sensing, estimation, prediction and control of mechatronic systems for road mobility; Human‐machine interactions for future mobility; Experimental validation of mechatronics for road mobility; […]

Special Issue “Advances in Vehicle Dynamics and Motion Control for Electric Vehicles” in Energies Journalis is now open for submission. This Special Issue will focus on new results in the following topics related to electric vehicles, in particular with on-board and electric motors: Vehicle dynamics Motion control Brake control and brake blending Vehicle stability control Ride […]